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hello, i'm bri west.

I am a graphic designer who has a special love for wedding invitations. I am based in Orem, Utah, but work with clients worldwide. I am originally from Georgia, and my husband laughs when I say "ya'll" and accidentally call him "sir". My two lazy dogs Lily and Jax keep me company when I design in my at home office. 

Some may not know this, but my wedding invitation company is my side job. I am the Director of Marketing at Quick Solar Systems. There I work on branding, advertising, content creation, and manage a team of talented marketers.  I am also a full time student at Brigham Young University studying Communications. And finally, my favorite part of me is featured in the far left photo. That's Logan! He is the L to my B and that's why I am Invited By L&B.

hello, I'm Bri

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